Duration: 1 week / month / year
Location: South East Asia
Price: 1180€ / week


What’s included

  • Accomodation on the boat
  • Fast internet satellite connection (50mo)
  • Food and drinks (except alcohol)
  • Most day trips
  • Skippers

What’s available

  • Anything you can imagine from a boat
  • Various activities when not sailing

What’s excluded

  • Transportation from and back to the airport
  • Alcohol



Your boat : a 82 feet (25m) catamaran

Coboat is an 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and floating coworking space. Circumnavigating the globe and exploring uncharted waters, Coboat will be home and office for up to 20 digital nomads as they collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play.

Using green and sustainable solutions, our water and electricity is entirely solar-generated and wind-powered. Coboat will provide the previously unthinkable: 24/7 internet connection, using the latest generation of communication technologies.

The Location

Coboat will sail around the world starting in November south east Asia. Here is the schedule :

South East Asia
Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Sulawesi, Borneo, Philippines, Singapore
1. Nov – Jan 2016 *

Central Asia & The Middle East
Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Maldives, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan
2. Feb – May 2016 *

Europe & Africa
Malta, Greece, Croatia, Ibiza, Barcelona, Portugal, Casablanca, Canary Islands
3. Jun – Dec 2016 *

Caribbean & Americas
Leewards and Windwards, BVIs, Mexico, Florida, Costa Rica, Belize, Bahamas, Panama
4. Dec – May 2017 *

Galapagos, Hawaii, Bora Bora, Vanuatu, Fiji, Micronesia, Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Tahiti
5. Jun 2017  – *

Australia & New Zealand
Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Tasmania, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
6. 2017 – 2018 *

Karsten coboat cofounder
Karsten Knorr
Coboat cofounder
Working with other like-minded people on a boat while sailing the world is, for me, just the tip of the iceberg. Coboat will give us the chance to have a positive influence on other people’s lives. I hope we can guide our guests to live their dreams and follow their heart.


  • When does the (our) adventure begin?

    Our inaugural journey sets sail from South East Asia in November 2015.

  • What should I bring ?

    Laptops are a must – and any other hi-tech gear that you might want to bring along. Space is limited aboard the catamaran, so please leave your hard-shell suitcases and trolley cases ashore. Dress is casual – so pack light.. and leave your suits and cocktail dresses behind! You’ll spend most of your time in shorts, t-shirts, swimwear.. and bare feet!

  • Who is it for

    Coboat is for professionals from all walks of life; entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads, location independents, writers, photographers, designers. We also welcome startuppers, small teams or larger groups. Are you curious to know what it takes to lead life as a digital nomad? If so, this could be your ticket!

  • Can I join even if I am not an entrepreneur or digital nomad?

    Yes! Coboat welcomes you for your skills, talents and curiosity. If you’re brimming with ideas, looking for new ways to work, and want to engage with a like-minded community and the world at large, then this could be for you!

  • Are vegetarian, vegan and special diets available on board?

    We try to cater to all dietary requirements. Please indicate your food restrictions (or preferences) on the application form to ensure that your needs are met.

  • Do I need to have any sailing experience?

    Absolutely not. However sailing lessons will be available onboard should you want to learn!

  • What are the sleeping arrangements?

    Coliving on Coboat means space is limited, so.. we share! Cabin layout varies: two berths, bunk beds or a double bed. We will endeavour to honour requests for sleeping arrangements. Feel free to also sleep on deck (when safe)! Coliving on Coboat means space is limited, so.. we share! Cabin layout varies: two berths, bunk beds or a double bed. We will endeavour to honour requests for sleeping arrangements. Feel free to also sleep on deck (when safe)!

  • If I’m female, will I share with another female?

    Yes of course, all females will be paired together – unless you are part of a couple!

  • Can I stay for only 1 week

    Yes, it is possible to stay for just one week. In this case we will try to find someone who will stay for the remaining time. However, we have to give preference to participants who want to stay the whole time if we find no one who wants to take the spot for the remaining time.