Planett Taiwan Package
Duration: 1 Week / 1 Month
Location: Taiwan
Price: 120 USD

What’s included

  • Accomodation
  • Kitchen
  • Unlimited access to Planett Coworking
  • Wifi in accomodation

What’s available

  • Photo studio
  • Small processing factory
  • Events at PLanett

What’s excluded

  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Transfer to and from the airport

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Did you think about living elsewhere?
One of the best ways to find new inspiration is to travel around, live in a new city, and make friends with other creatives. Planett is a co-working space, creative connector and residence where you can find the resources and guidance to further your project—whether that’s where to manufacture parts, or a space to exhibit your work. You can work in our co-working space, where you’ll have a large desk, fast wifi, access to our fabrication lab, photo studio, kitchen (and two cats).
Once you land on Planett, you can make friends from around the world and have the chance to understand their different cultures. Besides, if you run into problems with your work, the Planett team and your co-residents are here to help. You’ll be surrounded by other creative minds to expand on your ideas with. Even if you’re not working on a project at Planett, perhaps just chatting before sleep in our cozy dorm will be the most unforgettable memory on your trip.
Planett also offers curatorial and agency services—so if you have a new, creative proposal and want to establish a market in Asia, we can help you promote your product and develop a marketing strategy to expose your extraordinary talents.
Planett is a place for all creatives to live, create, and experience Tainan. No matter who you are—a designer, artist, traveler, or you’re just trying to find somewhere cool—Planett’s door is open to you.

Nose from Planett
Quick Booking
Creative Month
340 USD/ month
Shared Room
Shared Bathroom
Unlimited Planett Coworking
Creative Week
120 USD/ week
Shared Room
Shared Bathroom
Unlimited Planett Coworking