Duration: 1 day / week / month
Location: spain
Price: from 22 € / day

Join the first ever COWORKING CAMP in Jericoacoara, Brazil.

Sun and Co. is the first coliving and coworking community in the whole Mediterranean Coast. A place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent workers, digital nomads and anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance.
Sun and Co. is formed by like-minded people sharing living and working space, ideas and fun. All under one roof in a 19th-century house located in the center of Jávea, a historic seaside town in Spain. The perfect venue for your team’s offsite or company retreat.
Focus and be more productive while enjoying one of the best climates in the world and meeting people from all over the world.

  • What is included?

    • Beautiful private villa with a sea view, huge lounge, balcony, garden, BBQ and WiFi for 11 days, 10 nights.
    • Cleaning
    • Breakfast
    • Skill Sharing – if you have knowledge that others might benefit from, we encourage you to share with the group
    • Think Tanks – if you have a business idea, present it and let us be your focus group and/or mentor
    • Tribe Checkins – during breakfast for those who want accountability, tips and feedback from the group
    • DNX Talk – we will invite a special guest
    • Coworking & networking
    • Trip to Tatajuba Lagoon
    • Organization of activities
    • Farewell BBQ
    • Access to exklusive DNX online community
  • Coliving

    Rules have changed. Working and learning are now done in unconventional ways. Live and share with other professionals a unique social experience where you live and work together under the same roof.
    Our home offers you and up to twenty other professionals the perfect vibe to rest, work and have fun, surrounded by two national parks and hidden beaches in one of the best climates in the world. A place to enjoy a real work-leisure balance.

    • Live in a 19th century 4-floor house
    • Private or shared rooms
    • Dream kitchen
    • Over 200 sq meters of common areas
    • BBQ terrace / chill out patio
  • Coworking:

    • 7 am running, climbing the dune (optional)
    • 8 am tribe/mastermind check-in over breakfast in our villa
    • 9 am – 1 pm work / skill share / talk
    • 1 pm – 5 pm kitesurfing / relaxing on the beach / excursion – lunch out (can be arranged in the house if somebody has a lot of work)
    • 6 pm watching sunset from the dune / caipi street / capoeira show / samba show / live music in a beach bar or by the pool
    • 7 pm – 9 pm relax in the villa / catch up with work
    • 9 pm dinner in a different popular restaurant / farewell BBQ in our villa
    • 11 pm caipi street / party
Jon & Edo

Teams are welcome!

Are you a company that thinks out of the box? Boost your productivity by bringing your team to a offsite that naturally improves your creativity and the happiness of your employees. Relax, produce and have fun. We offer you comfortable accommodation, a fully equipped workspace and an amazing team building and social experience.