Duration: 26 Sep 2015 - 10 Oct 2015
Location: Spain
Price: 500€
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What’s included

  • Accomodation a villa with amazing see view
  • Fast internet connection in the villa
  • Transport from the airport to the villa
  • Breakfasts
  • Grocery shopping made by the staff
  • Weekly cleaning service
  • Daily knowledge exchange sessions
  • Grocery shopping made by the staff
  • Cooking sessions in the evening

What’s available

  • Surf rent or lessons
  • Sail trips
  • Atypicals Tours

What’s excluded

  • Flights to Barcelona
  • Food for lunch and dinner
  • Extra Activities
  • Transfer back to the airport



A villa with amazing see view !

Quiet | 15 min walk to beach | Luxury level 8/10 | Capacity: 10 pax

  • The large house has 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms
  • You will enjoy a stunning view of the Mediterranean sea
  • The beach and seaside promenade are just a 10 minute walk away
  • The city center is just 3 km away (a 30 min walk or a 15 min bike ride)
  • The villa has a pool with sea view
  • There is a large covered terrace – even in case of rain you can sit outside
  • The large garden is perfect for relaxing, doing workouts or finding a quiet spot to work


The Location

Sitges – a lively beautiful town by the sea just 30 min from Barcelona

  • It has the sea: long promenade with beaches, sailing, jet skiing
  • It has mountains: great views, natural resorts, hiking
  • It is lively: The town is very lively with bars, restaurants, night life
  • It is quiet as well: great quiet spots to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere
  • It is so close to Barcelona – just a direct 30 minutes train ride from Sitges
  • You will experience Barcelona like a local and meet interesting local entrepreneurs

Ricarda and Tim
Sunny Office hosts for Spain
Ricarda and Tim are the Sunny Office hosts for Spain – both are originally from Germany, but have been living in Spain for several years.

They are both entrepreneurs: Tim has an event agency in Barcelona and Ricarda organizes language/ culture trips for Germans to Southern Spain under the label “Spanisch Leben” (there will be one language course just before the Sunny Office event).

Twin Room
Twin room
Single Room
Single Bedroom


  • What does a day at Sunny Office looks like ?

    At Sunny Office you are free to have your own schedule – as a morning or as an evening person. There are some joint appointments, like dinner and the evening meetings which everyone attends. The evening meeting is facilitated by us, the Sunny Office team, and each evening one or two participants present their project or current challenges to get feedback and help from the group. On the weekends we organize a free time program and you will be free to take part or do whatever you like.
This is how a day usually looks like during the week:

    • Mornings: Go for a run by the beach, have breakfast together, time to work on your project
    • Afternoon: lunch (self-organized), time to work on your project
    • Evening: dinner with the group – every night another team of two people cooks for the whole group, evening meeting where one person presents their work and gets detailed feedback, enjoying a glass of Spanish wine and good discussions
  • Who else will participate in the event ?

    The event will be hosted by Tim and Ricarda from the Sunny Office team. You will get to know the other participants upfront via a Facebook group we will set up. People joining Sunny Office are always from diverse backgrounds: men and women from different countries (Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, US joined Sunny Office events so far), most of them in their twenties and thirties, some in their forties. Among them everything from internet marketers, online shop owners, e-book publishers, academics, programmers, designers, coaches, …

  • How much free-time and work will there be?

    Everyone participating should bring their project(s) and usually we will work during the week and organize free-time activities at the weekend. If you want to simply go on holidays, this is not for you. If instead you want to get work done, find time for a break from day-to-day life to gain new inspiration and ideas and relax at the same time, then this is the right thing for you.

  • How is grocery shopping and cooking organized?

    Sunny Office will organize the shopping and make regular shopping lists so you don’t have to worry about going shopping yourself and at the same time everything you need will be available in the fridge. Breakfast is prepared by the Sunny Office team. For lunch everyone usually takes care of themselves and in the evenings someone in the group cooks for everyone. Some evenings we also go out for dinner – this is always unique depending on the preferences of the group.

  • Are food expenses included in the price?

    The costs for food are not included. Each week you will need around 60-100€ extra to cover all food expenses. So far we had great experiences with simply splitting the food expenses equally per person. But we discuss the rules with each group in advance.

  • Are food expenses included in the price?

    The costs for food are not included. Each week you will need around 60-100€ extra to cover all food expenses. So far we had great experiences with simply splitting the food expenses equally per person. But we discuss the rules with each group in advance.

  • How many Sunny Office events have been organized so far?

    Since April 2013 the team at Sunny Office has organized 10 Sunny Office events in Spain (locations: Barcelona, Alicante, Andalucía, Gran Canaria) and in Portugal (location: Lisbon). Until April 2014 Katja, the founder of Sunny Office, organized the events on her own. Since summer 2014 Ricarda and Tim are on board and take care of events that take place in Spain. Until today, around 70 different entrepreneurs and freelancers have joined Sunny Office from seven different countries.

  • Can I stay for only 1 week

    Yes, it is possible to stay for just one week. In this case we will try to find someone who will stay for the remaining time. However, we have to give preference to participants who want to stay the whole time if we find no one who wants to take the spot for the remaining time.